Women Working in Openness

About The DB

This website contains a searchable, sortable list of women who do work in the field of openness: open access, open science, open scholarship, open source code, open data, open education resources -- anything open. Feel free to also add trans and non-binary folks to this list as well. There is also a map available for folks who would like to look for women leaders nearest them -- the hope is that this map makes planning conferences, workshops, and events more convenient.

The idea for this first started on Twitter, where Lenny Teytelman reached out to the larger Twittersphere to ask for recommendations of women who work in open access and open science:

The thread goes on for ages, until April Hathcock (Scholarly Communications Librarian, New York University) wrote a blog post in which she discusses how lists and visibility are always great, but we need to start putting them into action -- in this case, inviting more women speakers. She also released an accompanying open google doc which had a list of women who work in the open which anyone can add names to.

I'm Vicky Rampin, I'm the Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility at NYU (and I'm also April's mentee!!). I took April's google doc and made this website, transforming the doc into a searchable, sortable list and a map. The data here is licensed as CC0, and the code is 100% open source and openly licensed. The code is available in a Gitlab repository for anyone who would like to report a bug (as an issue, please!), make a merge request of any fixes, additions, or deletions, or to integrate into your database of speakers (underlying data is also in Gitlab).

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